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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose JP Solutions?

  • Professionalism, honesty and integrity
  • Effective customer communications
  • Roofing industry knowledge and training
  • Quality materials and installation techniques
  • Qualified bi-lingual job site support
    Job site efficiency and cleanliness
  • Small enough to be able to deal directly with the owners
  • Most roofing projects are completed in one day
  • Easy to do business with
  • Absolutely committed to 100% customer satisfaction

How does the insurance process work?

  1. File a claim with your insurance carrier. Ask the Claims Agent to have the Adjuster Call and Make an Appointment to inspect your roof. The Adjuster usually looks at your roof within 5 – 7 days after filing the claim.
  2. When the adjuster calls, be sure to get the Adjuster’s name and telephone number. Go ahead and set the appointment and contact JP Solutions to give us the time and date of the appointment along with the adjuster’s name and telephone number. Feel free to give them my name and contact numbers 908-207-4172 or 704-770-7306. We will meet with the adjuster to represent your interests and make sure that everything is included in the claim.
  3. If the roof is approved, the Homeowner will receive a check for an estimated fifty percent of the claim.
  4. If you have a mortgage on your home, the first check will be made out to the Homeowner and the Mortgage Company. If this is the case, contact JP Solutions and we will walk you through the procedure that your lending institution follows.
  5. Once the project is approved, JP Solutions Roofing will prepare a contract that mirrors the insurance company settlement statement. If approved, your only out of pocket costs to complete th e repairs will be your deductible amount and any upgrade options that you choose.
  6. Call JP Solutions when the first check comes back from your Mortgage Company. The first check is due as down payment after the materials arrive at the jobsite. Please check the materials to verify the shingle color is correct.
    Upon completion, JP Solutions will do a final inspection on the job and file the certificate of completion paperwork with your insurance company so they can release the final payment.
  7. Upon receipt of the final insurance check, the final invoice payment is due JP Solutions.

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